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Mail Servers with Docker

Travis Jones 0

Hey, guys and gals! I got the new server up and running, so feel free to use the contact email on my homepage to send me a message.

I posted on May 4th that I would be setting up a new email server with DigitalOcean. I found a great repository on Github Simple and full-featured mail server using DockerI had never used Docker before, but it wasn’t that hard to understand once I started reading the documentation and the setup guide on the repo above.

Here’s what I did to get started:

  • I clicked the big green “Create Droplet” button once I logged into DigitalOcean
  • I chose the “One-click apps” tab and chose the Docker image.
  • Then I followed all the steps at the Github repository.

Now I have a working email server for my Animal Crossing app and this freelance blog. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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