About me

I’ve loved computers since I was a kid and always wanted to create an app. My first project is an Animal Crossing community forum (Animal Crossing Central) that will be available for iOS and Android devices. I really like helping people, that is why I started this blog. So I can offer my skills to those that want an app or website but are not sure how to build one, or they may be too busy. If you’d like to give me a chance to build you a site or app, contact me from my home page, I’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Color ideas:

Flat UI Colors
Material Colors

materialflat ui


My first attempt at Mudbox

Need something done

Photoshop Graphic

Low Size. High Quality
  • PSD file
  • Zip file with images
  • Custom requests

Website Template

Mobile Optimized
  • Bootstrap, Foundation, or jQuery Mobile
  • Flat or Material colors
  • Google fonts
  • Custom requests

Project Updates

c sharp logo

A C# Math Application

I uploaded a simple math application written in C# to my GitHub. It’s a pretty cool example of what I can do. Check it out when you can. 🙂 Here …